Extreme sex stories: My Mum’s Friends.

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So my mum had me when she was 18. When I was 18 I went off to university. I came home during the summer at 19, she said she wanted to have a fancy dress party for me coming back. I asked who was coming, she rhymed off a few names, including Lucy and Daniela.

I’ve got Lucy and Daniela on Facebook Mami No Porfavor No Me Dejes Sola Con Mi Tio Porfavor Sobrina Vestida De Rosa Le Tiene Miedo A Su Tio Cuando Esta Sola En Casa but I haven’t seen them since I was 17, they were pretty hot and I’d flirted with them whenever I was in their company. I started uni quite thin and scrawny but went to the gym at uni to bulk up and feel more confident.

The only outfit I Www Dase Sex Video could find in the shop was a Tarzan one so I bought it and got a haircut also. Lucy and Daniela had been living together since splitting up with their husbands. They are both blonde, mid 30s, slim, both with fake tits, and very nice asses.

A few people were at the party already, I went into the kitchen to get myself a drink. When I heard the door, my mum let them in, I heard her say, put your drinks in the kitchen, Ross is in there.

I heard the clicking of heels Model Shathi Khatun Boning With Cusin Brother In Bad At Home Best Screw Beautyfull Sex School Dame Bang out Village Girl Sex coming into the kitchen, i was looking in the fridge at the time, I felt a hand on my back, I turned around and saw the most amazing site, Lucy and Daniela both in catwoman outfits, without the masks. We all said “hey” at the same time, I noticed them checking me out before Lucy came and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, her catsuit was made of latex and felt amazing when she pressed her body against my skin. Daniela then came and gave me a big hug and kiss on the other cheek, her catsuit was more of a faux leather type.

“We knew you always Grey Haired Sloppy Old 64 Yr Elderly Attractive Grandma Lady Sextasy Fucks Young Toyboy Hotel Employee Bareback Xxx Old Tart In Stockings Fucked liked the Batman films so we thought we’d dress up as catwoman for you” Daniela said.

“You both look absolutely incredible” I said. “I looked for a batman one but this is all I could get last minute”

“You’ve certainly became Total Figure Massage Of My Big boobed Super cute Wife a man, all your hard work in the gym has paid off” said Lucy, looking at my abs again.

I got the girls a drink before catching up with a bit of small talk. Their catsuits were zipped right up so I couldn’t see their cleavage.

“I bet you’ve got all the girls after you now” asked Lucy.

“Not really” I replied Casting Girl 26 Glass Desk Productions The Original Gdp “the course has been so intense. I’m being rude to everyone else, I better go and mingle but I’ll definitely be back” I smiled.

I was trying to talk to others at the party but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the girls. They sat in the living room as I sat on the opposite sofa, we kept exchanging glances and smiles across the room. Lucy then got up, my eyes followed her ass as she walked out of the room. It was obvious she had been doing squats, her ass was nice and pert and juicy. I looked over at Daniela, who moved her eyes to the door as if to tell me to go as well.
As I got to the bottom of the esi Bbw Wife Homemade Sex Indian Bhabhi Fuck fest Toy stairs, I heard the bathroom door shut upstairs. I went upstairs and waited a couple of mins. Lucy then came back out “oh hello you” she said with a massive smile on her face.

She then said, “Daniela and I have been talking, I know it’s a bit iffy with you being my friends son but you’ve become so hot!” She then put her hands on my chest, I put my hands on her hips, my hands were shaking. “I know you’re meant to be going out with your friends later” she continued. “But you could come over to ours instead” she whispered in my ear.
I took the risk, I moved her hands to the base of her back, kissed her neck, then kissed her lips. It was very brief but very hot.

“There’s your answer” I said.

Lucy smiled “here’s a preview” she took one of my hands and put it on her ass, then the other and put it on her latex covered tit. Her ass felt so soft, her tit felt perky and soft as I Katrina Moreno Fake Taxi squeezed. She gave me one more kiss on the cheek before saying “I’ll go and tell Daniela the good news”

I went into the bathroom to gather my composure. I couldn’t believe what was going to happen. 2 smoking hot blondes, 16 years older than me, who I’d known Xbadx Dolly Desnuda for years and had basically been the reason for many wet dreams growing up were now wanting me to come back to theirs, not only that, they were dressed as catwoman. I opened the bathroom door to be greeted by Daniela.

“I heard the good news” she said.

“How could I resist!?!” I exclaimed as I put my hands straight Indian Desi Girl First Time Hook up With Boyfriend Reached Orgasm Desixporn Com on her ass to pull her into me.

“Oh” she smiled at my unexpected action “I love a guy who takes control”

“You’ll love me later then” I said with some confidence. Her ass was bigger and juicier than Roblox Porn Games Lucy’s and her tits felt softer pressed against me. I kissed her as well, Daniela’s kiss was more passionate as I became more confident.

“We’ll stay a bit longer then come up with a plan” she said.

I went back downstairs and joined Lucy in the kitchen. Daniela followed a few mins later.

“How about this?” I asked. “You phone a taxi Nebaj then I’ll wait 10 mins then phone one after”

“Or we could just go in the one taxi but we’ll tell your mum that we’ll drop you on the way” said Lucy.

After half an hour we phoned the taxi, I said my goodbyes, telling Chapina Levanta Su Corte my mum that I would crash at a friend’s. Watching the girls walk in front of me to the taxi was quite a site

In the taxi, the girls turned the conversation to my uni life.

“So why haven’t the girls been falling at your feet?” Lucy asked.

“I dunno, they always go for these big muscly brutes, you know what they say, nice guys finish last” I said.

“How many girls have you been with?” Asked Daniela.

“Um…..3” I replied embarrassingly.

“Well you’ll have Lucy and I fighting over Mujer Cagando Porno you all summer” Daniela smiled.

“Yeah definitely, we’ll be gentle to start with but then we’all make all your fantasies come true!” Said Lucy.

“Nice guys do cum last, cause they make their girls cum first!” Joked Daniela.

The joking put my mind at ease, I was nervous and the girls could tell. “Man up!” I told myself. We got out of the taxi, Daniela grabbed her keys out her purse, I playfully knocked them out her hand.

“What was that for?” Daniela gave me a confused look.

“You’ll need to bend over and pick them up, won’t you?” I said cheekily.

Lucy then stood in front of me too, both girls had their backs to me, Lucy on the left, Daniela on the right, Lucy took my left hand and put it on her left ass cheek, and Daniela did the same with my right hand and her right ass cheek. I gave them both a squeeze, resulting in an instant boner, still hidden by my outfit. The both bent over, I gave them both a spank, the noise it made was loud. Daniela grabbed the keys, Lucy grabbed my hand “get in here,you”

The girls led me through to the living room, Daniela went to the kitchen to get drinks. Lucy then sat on my right lap, with her legs between mine. My eyes were now level with her tits, her catsuit was still zipped up. I had my right hand cupping her ass and my left hand on her leg.

“Aren’t you getting a bit hot in that?” I asked

“Your making me hot!” She replied as she came in for a kiss.

As out lips met, I moved my hand across her leg, up her body and cupped her latex clad tits in my hand, I gave both a squeeze before Bella Poarch Desnuda I felt a nipple through the latex. It was hard like a bullet, I rubbed it with my thumb, I could feel her smile as we kissed. I reached up further and grabbed her zip, slowly started pulling it down…

“Wait for me!” Demanded Daniela as she came out of the kitchen with the drinks. She put them down then sat on my other lap. I moved my hand from Lucy’s zip and cupped Daniela’ ass. I was now cupping both asses, with 2 pairs of big tits encased in catsuits, right at my eye level. I was rock solid already.

“I’ve got a confession to make” said Daniela. “See that picture you put on Facebook at a beach themed party, when you were just in shorts? It turned me on so much that I’ve got it saved on my phone and play with myself some nights while looking at it”

“Oh my god, me too” said Lucy.

I didn’t know what to say, here I had 2 smoking hot blondes, sitting on my lap in outfits that hugged every curve and were a massive turn on for me, who had played with themselves over a picture of me.

“I’ve got a confession too”, I said “I’ve always had a crush on you both, that holiday we all went a couple of years ago, the image of you both in a bikini has stayed in my mind. In fact that beach party night, I kept praying for some miracle that you 2 would walk through the door and make all the guys jealous”

“And here we all are” said Lucy.

“It really doesn’t feel weird” I said, the girls felt the same. Daniela then cupped my face and started kissing me, Lucy then joined in and we were having a 3-way kiss. Tongues everywhere but it was pretty hot.

“Let’s give Ross a show” Lucy whispered.

The girls stood up before taking my outfit off and revealing my tight white boxers. Their eyes became fixed on the massive bulge in them.

“This’ll be the quickest striptease ever, cause I can’t wait to play with that!” Daniela said with a twinkle in her eye.

The girls started kissing each other and massaging each other’s tits through their catsuits.

“I can’t wait any more I need that cock” said Lucy.

The girls knelt before me and with one hand each, rubbed my cock through my boxers.

“It’s so big and hard” said Daniela.

“It’s all for you two” I said.

Lucy then done what is now my favourite bit of foreplay, she showed a bit more Katja Krasavice Orgasmus Maschine cleavage and rubbed her tits against my bulge then stopped and looked up at me with her big tits resting on me. I sat up and reached for her zip revealed her tits. What a sight, they were fake and kind of had that bolted on pornstar look, but they suited her. I sat back and she started doing the same thing as before.

“I could spend all summer like this” I said.

“Well I want to be fucking you all summer” said Daniela as she lay beside me, her tits now resting on my chest. She turned to the side to let me get her zipi pulled her tits out, they were much more natural looking, they felt so soft in my hand. As I ran my thumb over her nipples, I felt her hand run down my abs and into my boxers. She grabbed my cock with her soft hand, just as Lucy then pulled my boxers down. I then felt Daniela rubbing all the pre cum over my cock. The girls then stood up and took their catsuits off. I didn’t know where to look, these girls had the most incredible figures.

“You girls are hotter than all the girls at uni combined!” I said.

They both laughed “good” said Lucy, then you won’t cheat on us when you go back” she joked. Lucy then lay on the couch with the back of my head on my chest, her nipples pointing to the ceiling, I started rubbing her tits with my right hand, I was paying it so much attention that I was completely caught off guard when I felt Daniela’s luscious lips on the tip of my cock. She took the head in her mouth while licking the top. I knew I was in for one hell of a blowjob! While Daniela was doing that, Lucy reached down with her left hand and started stroking my cock.

“You like watching my wank your cock into her mouth baby?” Lucy said with a seductive look on her face. “This is only beginning. I love the girth of your cock, can’t wait to feel it inside me” she started stroking faster. This was going to be a serious test of willpower.

Daniela was looking up at me as she teased my cock with her tongue, Daniela was definitely the hottest out of the 2 but Lucy was still hot too! My fingers ran from Lucy’s tits, slowly down her body. I place my left hand on her tits as my right hand moved further and further down her toned body. I ran my middle finger along the outside of her pussy, she gripped my cock harder, I slowly eased my finger inside, she was so wet already, I lightly teased her clit with my finger as she started moaning. Daniela then used her left hand to join mine, her middle finger then teased Lucy’s clit as I moved my finger inside her.

“Oh my fucking god this is amazing!” Lucy moaned.

“I have never felt anything as good as this” I said to Daniela, she took my cock out her mouth, then wrapped her tits around it.

“How about this?” She asked

“I stand corrected” I instantly got even harder, although I didn’t think it was possible. “You are going to get repaid in a big way for this!”

“I hope so,” Daniela smiled as she squeezed her tits around my cock, causing a little bit of precum to come Madison Beer Pornhub out. I finger fucked Lucy with my middle finger while rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her pussy gripped my finger as she moaned harder, my fingers teasing her nipples.

“Cum for us baby” said Daniela, “cum all over your friends son’s finger”

“Oh my god, that’s it, right there, ohhhhhh ohhhh ohhh yeesssssss!” Moaned Lucy uncontrollably. I felt her juices squirt over my finger before pulling it out her pussy. Daniela grabbed my hand and started sucking Lucy’s cum off my finger. I had to look up to the ceiling and bite my bottom lip to stop myself cumming.

“My turn,” demanded Daniela as she released my cock from her tits. Lucy sat on the floor as Daniela knelt beside me on the couch, facing me. She moved her legs out to the side before slowly kissing me, I held the back of her head with my left hand whilst I ran my right hand down her waist, reaching to her ass, her skin was so soft, I squeezed her ass and it was even softer. I was totally lost in the moment, completely forgetting Lucy was there, until I suddenly felt her tongue on my cock, I let out a gasp. Daniela stopped kissing me and got me to lie across the sofa, Lucy stayed where she was and kept licking my cock.

“You’ve no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this to you,” Daniela said with a cheeky smile. She straddled my chest, facing away from me, her ass was perfect, so soft and juicy. All of a sudden, she Valentina Victoria Desnuda moved her ass closer and closer to my face, she then straddled my face, her pussy already wet as I started exploring it with my tongue, she slowly grinded on my tongue before leaning forward, joining Lucy in licking my cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening, this was definitely going to be the best summer over I thought. I couldn’t get enough of the taste of Daniela’s pussy. I could feel myself getting ready to cum so I grabbed her ass in my left hand, spanked it with my right hand before pulling her close using my hands on her ass. I swirled my tongue around faster and faster. The girls stopped licking and started stroking my cock with a hand each.

“My god Ross, keep doing that, I’m going to cum in your mouth very soon,” Daniela panted.

“Our mouths are wide open ready for your cum” said Lucy.

My licking and the girls stroking became faster and faster, both myself and Daniela started tensing up, Daniela exploded first, her juices dripping into my mouth. She just let out her last moan before I shot my cum, they licked the rest off my cock. Daniela got off me, I looked at them, I missed their mouths and got their faces. Daniela went to the toilet to clean up.

“This was worth waiting for” I said to Lucy, “I can tell you’ve got a filthy mind”

“You’ve not seen anything yet’” she said.

Daniela came back as Lucy went to clean up, she straddled me straight away, I pulled her towards me to whisper in her ear “You’re my favourite, your more beautiful, and have the nicer tits and ass, I love how intimate you are.”

Daniela looked at me with a huge smile on her face “whenever I’m off and Lucy’s working, we can have time alone”

She started kissing me, while rubbing her wet pussy along the length of my, once again, hardening cock

Daniela then slid onto my cock

“I can’t believe I’ve got my friend’s son’s cock inside me, and how perfect it fits. It’s wrong in my mind, but feels amazing!” Daniela said.

“It’s not wrong for me, I’ve always fantasied about this” I replied.

She slowly started to grind and let out little moans. “I can definitely get used to this” she said. “When you’re back at uni then either both of us or just me will be up to visit you very often, you can show off to all your friends if they don’t believe our arrangement.”

“I can’t believe you’ve started without me” Lucy said as she came into the room. She then said to Daniela, “let’s do that thing we talked about, you can go first”

“Good idea” said Daniela.

Daniela then came off my cock and pulled me to stand up, I was rock hard. Lucy then whispered in my ear as both girls stroked my cock “I guarantee you’ll never have experienced anything like this before.”

They pulled me away from the couch and told me not to turn around until I was told, and to close my eyes. It was only a few seconds but it felt like an eternity.

“Turn around, but keep your eyes closed” Lucy said.

After a brief pause, Daniela said “open them”

I took a moment to appreciate what I was seeing. Daniela was kneeling on the couch, bent over. Lucy then stood with her legs either side of Daniela, also bent over, both looking back at me. “Come and get us” Daniela said.

I straightaway slid my throbbing cock inside Daniela’s warm wet pussy, she felt even tighter in that position, I had my hands straight onto her juicy ass. I looked up, Lucy’s ass was right in my face, she bent over some more and grabbed the back of my head, forcing me to lick her pussy. There was so much going on it took me a while to realise what was actually happening. It was difficult to get the rhythm of fucking and licking at the same time but both girls were moaning so I was obviously doing something right. My hands moved 91小蓝的性福生活免费视频完整收录 from Daniela’s ass to her hips so I could really fuck her hard. I could feel the build up happening, I wasn’t going to last much longer but by the sounds of it, the girls weren’t either. Daniela’s moans were becoming very high pitched as Lucy moaned “Oh my god Ross, keep doing that, you’ve got a real talent with that tongue, im going to cum so so so soon!”
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oohhhhhhhh baby!” Daniela moaned as I felt her cum all over my cock. I kept my cock inside her and started flicking Lucy’s clit with my finger with my tongue inside her, “Holy fuck Ross, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I licked up all her juices.

The girls turned around, “wow” I said. “We’re definitely doing that again!” I said.

“We’ll do it twice so you can cum inside both of us” Lucy said. “But let’s get you relieved now.”

They sat me down and knelt either side of me. Next think I know, I’ve got both sets of amazing tits pressed against my cock.

“Fuck our tits as hard as you’ve just fucked me baby” Daniela said.

She didn’t have to tell me twice. Within 2 minutes of starting, it felt so good that I just shot my load all over their tits. It was a huge relief. “I can’t wait til I’m shooting that inside you both” I said as the girls then knelt beside me on the couch. Their tits were at eye level Minecraft Sex Animation then they started licking my cum off each other’s tits right in front of my face. The 3 of us collapsed on the couch ma and Daniela at one end and Lucy further down, lying on my leg.

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Announcing clearly, aloud, as I’d beenordered to do if I had to complete this penance.I said, ‘I apologise, Mistress Cassandra,’ adding to mydome, ‘and you, ma’am,’ then pressed the lit cigaretteto the skin of my right areola, butting it out on myskin, burning myself in the process. I sucked in abreath, hissing through gritted teeth, as the burningembers singed my flesh. Being burnt with a cigaretteisn’t as bad as you’ve probably been lead to believeactually. It’s certainly not as bad as being burnt witha lighter. But it still hurts a fuckload.But then again, things that hurt just generally make mewetter.I looked up, again avoiding my dominant housefrau’seyes, but still catching the massive horny grinthreatening to break out over her face. ‘Good,’ shesaid, the cool tone of her voice developing a slightlyhusky timbre and catching in her throat just a little.‘You’re as obedient as you claim to be. The kitchen’sover there dear. Go put some cold water on the burn,then return here and resume the same position, wait forme.’ I did as I was told, soothing the heat with somecool water from the tap, before returning to mykneeling position in the lounge-room, now empty.I probably spent two minutes kneeling upright likethat, hands on the back of my head, elbows out, allmuscles taught and under tension, waiting for her toreturn. The carpet was so deep I wouldn’t have beenable to hear her walking back into the lounge. So whenI suddenly felt the sharp sting of what can only havebeen her foot connecting with my tailbone, sending meflying forward, almost unbalancing me.I barely caught the urge to cry out in time,suppressing my yell into a strangled grunt. I caught mybalance and drew myself upright again. I confess tofeeling a little pride that my hands had stayed intheir position at the back of my head. Don’tworry…after I’m done <a>maid anal shag</a> writing this I’m going to have acigarette. I’ll punish myself when it comes time tostub it out.She chuckled a little, then grabbed me by my ponytail,used it to draw me back, pulling upwards so I had nochoice but to scramble to my feet. She then lifted meby the waist – holy shit, she must work out! – andliterally threw me into the couch.I hit the wooden edge and this time I couldn’t stopmyself from crying out, before rolling onto the groundand landing on my hands and knees, hitting my head onthe floor. It dazed me a little so it took me a fewseconds before I returned to the same upright-kneelingposition, hands behind head, though this time facingaway from the couch.The sight that met me? Wow. All I can say. She was insome kind of lingerie that had to have been custommade, it fit her so well. A combination of dark lace (Iknew it!) and latex. Corset, thigh-high stockings,suspenders, garter belt, no panties, breasts exposed,high heels. Holy shit! It fitted her lithe, athleticbody perfectly, and, with her blonde hair now pulledback severely into a tight pony tail, suited her stern,mature good looks. What I’m trying to say is my dommelooked hot as hell.In her hands she held a pile of bondage implenta.Placed behind her in the middle of the room was apadded horse, the kind you use for vaulting in gyms andare so useful in the adult games we like to play behindthe closed doors of suburbia. If only the peoplewalking past in the street could see through the frontgarden and drawn curtains to what was going on in here.She threw a spreader bar and a chain with a dog-clip ateach end at my feet. ‘You know what to do, bitch,’ shesaid, and I did. I attached the spreader bar to the d-rings on the cuffs around my boots, it kept my legsspread a good three-feet apart. Then with practicedease I attached the chain to the wrist cuffs. It’s notas hard as it sounds. She leaned over me and attached aleash to the d-ring on my collar, and hauled meupright, cg me slightly.Standing with my legs spread so wide wasn’t too bad,and the feeling of the latex of my boots stretchingtight against my legs was lovely. She hauled me over tothe horse – moving with the spreader bar was adifferent story altogether, but something that’s easyonce you’ve got the hang of it – and then shoved meforward onto it. As I hit I went limp, effectivelymaking my body flop over onto the other side, liftingmy arse up into the air.The horse had a series of holes on both sides near thecorners, in which metal rings could be mounted. Shequickly set about doing this, attaching my feet with ashort length of chain looping through the shackles andwrapped around the spreader bar, locked at one end witha padlock. She ordered me to lift myself up and placedher hand on my back, commanding me to stop when my bodywas almost at a right angle to my legs. Using the chainto drag my cuffed wrists down, she placed rings nearerthe top on the other side of the horse and againattached me with another length of chain. My balancewas upset slightly with my center <a>Porn Gifs For Women Tumblr</a> of gravity forwardand I felt like an animal on display, it was wonderful!The horse to which I was now chained was positionedunder a brass light fitting hanging from the ceiling.She took a further length of chain and looped it overthe light fitting, one end attached to my leash.Pulling my head upwards so I was looking straight aheadat a slightly upwards angle, she slipped a leatherthong around the base of my pony tail, drew it tightand then looped the chain to the precise length andattached it to the thong.I now had two chains holding my head in position, onepulling my hair and one cg me slightly around mythroat. The tension was set so I had to hold my head inthat position – at crotch height, natch – otherwiseeither my hair would pull painfully, or the ce-collar would cut too tightly against my throat. It wasa masterful bondage arrangement. Simple, sexy, slightlypainful.I heard the unmistakable click and whirr of a digitalcamera, my suspicions confirmed when she stepped intothe field of view available to my now immobilised headand took a few more shots. She then dragged a coffeetable into position so I could just see it, and thearrangement of lube, dildos, gag, and crop arrayed onit out of the corner of my eye.Some dommes like you to be noisy and incompliant,pretend like you’re innocent and don’t want any of thedepravations they’re inflicting on you. Others like youto be quiet and acquiescent, humbly submitting like theperfect little whore to everything they inflict, untilthey find yr personal breaking point and make youscream in various combinations of pleasure and agony (Ilike those ones the best!). She’d been meticulous inplanning this scenario in her emails, and so as sheplaced the ball-gag in my mouth and buckled itunderneath the base of my ponytail, I knew that was thesignal that I could now be as loud as I liked. Lesschance of neighbours hearing I guess.Just, incidentally, how fucking good are ball gags? Ioften wear mine at home – after my parents are asleepor if they’re out – just for fun while I’m doing myhomework, watching TV, idly playing with myself. Hell,I’m wearing it right now as I type this! I love thefeeling of being <a>Naima Salhi Sex</a> gagged, the way yr spit ends updripping out the bottom of yr lip all around them, thefeeling of yr mouth being stretched, so sexy!She took a few more photos with the camera and thenplaced it on the table, lifting the crop, making sure Icould see. All this was being done in silence and allthe more erotic for it. I could hear the rustling ofcloth as I felt my now-ruined dress being lifted higherup to expose my naked arse. The snip of scissors infabric as she cut my black g-string from my body. Thenthe whoosh of the crop just before I felt the sting asit hit my arse with a snap.The sting and the shockwave rippled all the way up myspine, rocking my body forward. My chains clanked, Igrunted against the gag. She was definitely strong andher swing was powerful. She continued cropping me, mywhole body responding to each impact with a twitch andhigh, guttural grunt, which would probably have been ayell if it weren’t for the gag. She methodically workedme all over my arse cheeks and the backs of my thighs,still in complete silence, as she said in her email,‘warming up’ my skin.The bd was rushing around that part of my body. Icould feel my pussy opening up, dripping thick goo downmy legs and the front of my dress. My sphincter wasclenching and relaxing, in anticipation of what I knewwas coming next. She again took photos; my red arse andthighs, my face, sweat streaked, red, drool escaping mymouth around the gag, loose strands of hair stuck to myforehead with sweat. She put the camera and crop downand picked up the bottle of lube, again walking slowlybehind me, taking my time, teasing me.My pussy was absolutely pulsing by now and I <a>验证视频</a> couldn’thelp but groan long and low. I heard her chuckle andmutter ‘you whore, you really want this huh.’ I groanedmy acknowledgement and tried to nod, cg off mygroan as the collar bit into my throat. My anus wentinto pulsation-overtime as the first drop of lube hitit. She began massaging it into my butthole, still alittle open from my attentions earlier in the day. Itwasn’t long before she slipped her thumb in, elicitinganother groan from me.She withdrew her thumb, placing it on the skin below myarsehole, pulling tight, stretching my arse open, todrip more lube in. As she did she said ‘you did cleanyrself out for me, right, whore?’ I tried to say ‘yesma’am’ through the gag and again choked myself tryingto nod. I’d given myself an enema prior to lubing upthat very morning. I regularly enema myself anyway,they feel sexy.‘Good’ she said, and continued massaging lube into myanus, inserting a finger this time, then quickly two.She began thrusting them in and out in a circularmotion, periodically stretching her fingers to widen upthe penetration as she continued pouring lube all overme, it was now dripping down to my cunt and down myarse. She must not worry about the cleaning billsbecause there was nothing down to protect the carpetfrom all the fluids that must be by now dripping offme; spit, sweat, pussy juice, butt grease, lube. Butthen again she looked pretty wealthy, from the houseand the quality of toys being used on me here. I wishwe could all live a life of such luxury.Her hand holding the lube bottle gently massaged myarse cheeks with it, keeping the bd circulating inthe area, as she continued to work fingers into myanus. Four now, the thumb <a>pune plumper ultra-cute aunty missionary sex and blowage indian</a> probing. I’ve had huge thingsup my elastic arse before, including fists, so I knowit’s possible, but the feeling of fullness, of beingexpertly massaged to open up like that, is so, sowonderful, something I hope I never get used to!The thumb was in and she gradually worked her way,penetrating me deeper, getting in to her wrist. Thiswas the part I loved the most, as she got deeper andbegan to make a fist inside me, working her hand intowards my bowels. My whole body was quivering now, mylegs trembling uncontrollably, my back flexing, my headflopping around, flexing against the restrictions ofthe two chains. I was moaning and groaning continuouslythrough my gag, spit flooding from my mouth, down mychin, onto my tits. My ruined dress was practicallyhanging from me by now, and the chains <a>Định_nghĩa thế nào là sướng cả tai và mắt - Nhớ đeo tai nghe</a> were allrattling and clinking as my body trembled.My domme let out the occasional sigh and quietly saidthings like ‘oh, nice, you like that’ but otherwiseremained silent. I imagine she had that same smallsmile on her face as she intently concentrated onopening up my anus though. Soon she was properlyfisting me, working her arm in and out with her handinside me, working up a rhythm, gently fucking me withher fist. After a few minutes she withdrew her handfrom my arse with a loud, sticky, sucking pop. Thatfeeling, like you’re shitting something the size of ababy, is something else I’ll never get used to, I hope!A huge dollop of cunt goo literally dripped out of meas she did that.Walking slowly in front of me, she again smiled,placing the lube bottle on the table and taking up thecamera. She stopped in front of me long enough to catchmy attention, and put all four fingers in her mouth,sucking the combined lube and my arse-juice off them,before returning around behind me with that slow-teasing walk. My cunt dripped again. That was hot.The camera clicked a few times and then was throwngently onto the same armchair I had sat in before. Shehad a few photos of my gape and that’s all she wanted.Personally I would’ve gotten a few photos of her fistin my anus, but these photos weren’t for my pleasure.My pleasure was to be there, tired up, fulfilling herdesires.And <a>Chinese_ass massage handjob</a> pleasure it was, my body was still tremblinguncontrollably, and I experienced a brief moment ofpanic…what if I passed out and choked? But thatthought evaporated as soon as her fist went back up myarse. She went knuckles first this time, the stingingbite against my ring sending searing pain up my spine,quickly followed by waves of orgasmic pleasure as herfist penetrated me deep, thrusting up inside so hardand quick I expected it to come out my mouth. I came. Ishook. My chains rattled.I screamed through my gag. My head shook, I choked,spit flew from my mouth as I gagged and tasted bile.Cum dripped down over my legs from my pussy. My anusrippled and pulsed around her hand and wrist as shefist-fucked me. My domme lost her cool for a moment andsquealed with delight, before resuming fisting me. Irode the cum straight through into a second, thencollapsed against my chains. She still didn’t let upand I felt like I was going to explode, my all thepleasure in my body was going to come boiling out of methrough every skin pore and orifice. I came a thirdtime, I squirted like a fire-hose, all over herstocking-clad legs and expensive carpet. I felt like Ileft my body for a little while.When I came back my body was trembling and I felt likeI’d simultaneously shit half my body <a>Russian porn</a> weight and run amarathon. I could barely hold myself upright. Sweat waspouring off my face onto the carpet with audibledripping noises. She was standing in front of me,removing my gag, holding her hand up to my mouth.Despite my tiredness, my body wanting to just curl intoa ball and pass out, I eagerly extended my sore tongueand licked, drawing in the moisture to my mouth,savouring the taste of my arse juice and lube as Isucked her fingers and tongued her forearm clean. Shesmiled and gently patted my face ‘good whore,’ shesaid. ‘Good little cunt-bitch, and we’ve still got timeto play some more.’She loosened the slack on my head-chains and stoodbefore me, legs spread, guiding my head into her cunt.I knew what to do. I’ve been licking cunt since I wasfifteen. My tongue is pierced, and I’m an expert. Shewas shaved, delicious, and sopping wet. She twisted herhands in my hair and cooed ‘good whore, good littlewhore’ as I lapped away eagerly at my domme’s deliciouscunt, trying my best to repay her for the pleasure shejust gave me.I doubt it was more than two minutes before her griptightened, she grunted ‘ohhh,’ with a rising note onthe end, she tensed, up on tip toes, and then with along, loud ‘AHHH!’ her body relaxed and <a>MOM Passionate creampies for_busty MILF</a> her hot cuntjuice flooded into my mouth. And kept flooding, into mymouth, out of my mouth, down my chin, onto the floor. Ilove squirters!She leaned forward, hands on my head, pushing it down,panting, while she recovered from her cum. I took thechance to relax my body a little as well. When shefinally took a step back from me, she had composedherself again, and gave me yet another of those sexysmiles and said ‘you are well trained, aren’t you?.’I swallowed through my dry mouth and gasped out ‘yesma’am, thank you for letting me taste yr delicious cuntma’am.’She set about releasing me from my bondage, but Ididn’t actually get up until she tapped me on the backand said ‘up.’ Obedience matters. It was damn good tostretch my aching muscles though. She took a thick,black strap-on dildo from the table and threw it on tothe chair. ‘lose the chain and bar, and dress, and putthat on, then sit.’ She busied herself with packing upthe chains and horse, taking them off down the hall towherever they were kept out of the sight of the pryingeyes of normal people.By the time I was naked but for my boots, collar andcuffs, and her strap-on, sitting in the chair, she wasdone and returned with several condoms. Taking one froma packet and throwing the rest on the table, she rolledit on to my fake dick, tugging me down into aslouched/sitting position as she did.Then without any further word, she spread her legs andmounted me in a cowgirl position, taking me balls deep.Grabbing a handful of my boobs in each hand and sittingon the cock, she looked me in the eye and said, ‘Now,you, sit still, and shut up. Don’t thrust, don’t hump,don’t do anything. You’re not meant to enjoy this, youdon’t have the power even though you’re fucking me.You’re just a holder for a dildo for me to pleasuremyself with.’With that, she started rocking back and forth, buildingup very quickly until she was in full bounce, nailsdigging into my tits, hard <a>Big-Tits porn</a> enough that she broke thesurface of the skin in a few places, drawing a few tinydrops of bd.She rode me still harder and harder, all in silenceexcept <a>MILF stepmom pounded by forbidden_cock</a> for the squelching of her cunt and the noises mynaked arse made rubbing against the leather of thechair. I was biting my lip to keep silent, but shewasn’t…this woman’s control was amazing, and sofucking sexy. She seemed intent on cumming with aferocious determination. And she left me feeling thepower of her words…I was a slave cunt, my body wasjust a lump of meat for her to use to orgasm. This wasso sexy.Her cum came in the same way, she tensed, seemed tolift up, go completely still for a second, and thenbam! It came in a flood. She sat on top for a while,gently rocking herself on the dildo, before standingup. ‘Stay,’ she told me, then busied herself taking thecondom from my fake dick, together with my bra andpanties, and throwing them into a waste basket in thecorner. Turning to me she said ‘stand,’ which Ipromptly did. She took the harness off me, acting as ifI was just another inanimate object, then re-arrangedthe furniture, finally cleaning my sweat off theleather of her chair with my school dress, which shebundled up with the other toys, saying ‘I’m keepingthis, whore.’I just stood there in the living room, watching thisall being done, waiting for her next command. Onceeverything looked exactly like it was, my carpet stainsalready almost invisible, she picked up the other dildofrom the coffee table. It was black as well, about thesame size but much thicker, with a suction cup base.This she wet with her spit, then walked into thehallway near the front door and stuck it to the floor.Testing the suction, she then rolled a condom onto it.Turning to me, she commanded ‘come here,’ Then,indicating the dildo, she said ‘mount it.’ I did,obediently, promptly, and hell, eagerly. MY sticky cuntwas open and ready and it felt soooo good sliding downthe thick shaft. I stayed there, legs open, handsclasped behind my back, squatting on the dick. Sheleaned against the hallway wall, looking at me, idlytoying with the strap-on she was holding in her hands.After another of those long, appraising glances, shesaid ‘put on a show for me whore. Let me watch a sexylittle teen bitch fuck herself with that big thickcock.’ I needed no encouragement and immediately wentinto super-whore mode, putting on a better show thanthe most expensive camgirl ever. I bounced up and downon the dick. I moaned, I twisted my hands in my hair. Ifelt myself. I played with my tits, I frigged my clit,I even slipped a finger in my butt.Mostly though I just grabbed my arse cheeks and, usingall the strength of my thighs, bounced up and down onthat wonderful thick tool. It felt soooooo amazinglygood. After the kind of fucking I received it wasn’tdeep I needed, I just needed to fill full andstretched. I gripped my boots and leaned forward,feeling the cock hit all those magic spots inside me.She kept playing with the dildo while she watched thisshow. By now I had cum so hard all I could keep doingwas just fuck myself, bouncing on the cock like thewhore I am, enjoying the feeling, not even bothering towork up to a cum. She stood over me and dangled thedildo in my face, laughing at me, stretching it justout of the reach of my tongue, before thrusting it intomy mouth and gagging me, fucking my face, then drawingit out, leading me with it like a donkey with <a>Teen porn</a> a carrot,almost making me lose my balance.This continued for about half an hour before she puther foot on my head and pushed, sending me flying offthe dick backwards, to land against the front door, apanting mess. ‘Enough,’ she said, then commanded me tostand, which I did, legs spread to feel the cool late-afternoon air coming in from underneath the front dooron my cunt, hands clasped behind my back.Turning to the hallstand, she took up an envelope and aroll of black electrician’s tape. On the envelope waswritten ‘Mistress Cassandra.’ I later found out it wasa ‘thank you’ note, written on polite mum-stylestationary. The kind of note she would make her kidssend after going to a friend’s birthday party. Cute.And sexy as hell, in a very perverted way. Taking theenvelope and tearing off a few strips of the tape, sheplaced it against my left breast and taped it to theskin, making sure to pull it tight so the tape wouldhurt coming off. ‘That stays there until you see yrmistress,’ she said, calmly, as if talking to a cd.Thankfully I was seeing her tonight so I wouldn’t haveto skip showering.She took another strip of tape and a five-dollar note.Rolling up the note, she slipped it up my cunt, thenplaced the tape on my slit, again tight, sealing themoney in there. ‘That’s for petrol…whore’ she smiled.Fuck, I felt so used…it was great! The final thingsshe took off the hall table were a cotton, patternedsummer dress, and what looked like a white rag. Handingme the dress she said ‘put this on’ and I did. So Iwasn’t going to be walking out to the car naked. Good.Walk out to my car – fully clothed – we did, after shecollected my bag from the living room. Such a mum, butmums don’t surreptitiously grope my <a>Nude police men mature and free gay_cops swallow cum Purse thief</a> arse and finger mycrack while walking down the street. I got in and wounddown the window to say goodbye. She threw the white raginto the car and held her hand out, saying ‘my dress.’Oh, okay. Umm… HOT!I slipped the dress off and handed it to her, sittingnaked in the driver’s seat except for my collar, cuffsand white boots, note taped to my chest and five dollarnote taped in my cunt. She turned around and walked offwithout a further word. I haven’t heard from her sense,although Mistress Cassandra chats to her on msnapparently.I took the money out of my cunt, the tape hurt comingoff, it was great. I’d love to leave it in there buttoxic shock syndrome wouldn’t be fun. I picked up therag… shit… it was a t-shirt. A cut off one. Ipulled it on and it barely came past my nipples. It had‘whore’ written on it in texta. I guess I was going togo directly to Cassie’s house, with its lockup garageattached to the house, so no one in the street couldsee me like this, rather than home to my parent’shouse.Worn out, relaxed, better than sitting in class allafternoon, I started the car and headed off towardsCassandra’s house.Well, I hope you liked the story guys! Time for acigarette! Oh, and one more thing… for the thirdtime… CASSIE!